A transmission is an automobile device which consists of shafts, gears, and torque converters etc., are arranged in such a way that to transmit the power of the engine to the driving wheels of the motor vehicle. It is also called as gear box. Transmissions are classified into two types manual and automatic. A manual transmission is operated manually to move a vehicle that means a gear stick is operated by foot or hand, which is also called as standard transmission or manual gearbox. An automatic transmission which relieves the driver from changing the shift gears manually, is also called as an automatic gearbox or an auto transmission.

For any vehicle, among the other parts transmission plays a vital role in moving a vehicle. After few years of usage, any part exhibits complaints. Continuous complaints on the transmission will affect its performance. Possibly you will look for the replacement or transmission parts for your car or truck. New and used transmissions, both are available in the market. Here is a question arises that why would one choose used transmission instead of new transmission? Certainly the quality of a new transmission is the best but sometimes it is beyond one’s means. Now a days, used auto transmissions and rebuild transmission which are available in the market are no way different from new transmissions. The only difference between them is new and used. Most of us think that the used auto transmission and the Rebuilt or Re manufactured transmission are same. But they aren’t. The prior one proposes the used and the latter is demolished completely and put back with new internal parts.

In previous days, to purchase any automobile parts need to visit salvage yards or junk yards. But automobile online stores made easy to access for different automotive parts of used car and truck of most popular and existing companies without visiting junk yards. The customized search helps one to save their money, time and energy and to get the most money-spinning and the competent car transmission or truck transmission which is coming up with one-two year warranty.

One should be careful about tricky dealers who are out there selling the disastrous transmission replacements. The factors to be considered while opting a good conditioned used transmission from any online stores are its make, warranty, shipping policies and among all apparently its cost. And moreover company reputation and its longevity also important to deal with while acquiring the transmission for your vehicle.

The most wanted used, new, rebuilt or rebuild transmissions of top models like Audi, BMW, Cadillac etc. are plentifully available at online stores.

Source by Carol Evans