Buying a semi-custom car cover is probably the most cost effective way of preserving your car. It is an indisputable fact that cars need to be covered otherwise they will be left to nature's peril. The ultra-violet rays from the sun will fade the exterior and ruin the finish. The cabin will get too stuffy and intolerable to drive, and the internal specs will get ruined.

Rain, sleet and snow, all leave unsightly, ugly watermarks all over the exterior. The high level of acid disintegrate the paint work and make it look horribly patchy. The car will look old and battered well before it's time.

When the wind blows, it manages to drag along with it junk from the streets. This includes twigs and stones, and as they fly past, they end up knocking the car leaving it scratched and bent all over.

All of this is away from the birds muck and the like that manages to park themselves on the car's exterior. These also disintegrate the paint work, and leave long lasting stains that are near impossible to remove. The dust will also pile up and the car will look old and weather beaten.

So it is agreed that a cover is needed. The type of cover will very much depend on the environment, and the climate that the car is kept in. Some covers will be better for sunnier climates, others will have better waterproof protection. If the car is kept indoors, it will only need basic protection against knocks and bashes, and the dust, and not these fancy weather-proof ones.

However the type of sizing also makes a difference on the quality of protection provide. Universal car covers will fit on to any car, big or small (trucks come as a different size). They are cheap, as they can be mass produced. However they will never fit properly. Either the cover will be too big, and look like a badly constructed, baggy tent, or will just about cover, often leaving bits peaking out. Therefore the protection offered by universal covers is not the best.

Custom cover are very expensive, as they are tailor made. The cover is made specifically for that particular car and it's specification, making things like mirror and aerial pockets where necessary. This obviously means that there is not space for anything to sneak in, under the cover. Whilst this gives a classy look, it is also a pretty penny.

That's why semi-custom are the perfect choice. They are made to fit a selection of cars of similar shape and size. This means that the cover will fit the car properly, even if not like a glove. The protection is still tops, and the car will look good even whilst covered. However it is not nearly as expensive as the custom, as it is not produced only for that car.

With a semi-custom car cover, one can ensure that the car will stay in good condition. The elements of nature will not be able to worm their way in and ruin it. The car will stay fresh and not need constant polishing and re-waxing. All of this for a very reasonable price!


Source by Akiva Nourollah