You know that you’re supposed to get an oil change, but do you know why? Changing out your car’s old oil is the easiest and most essential bit of car maintenance you’ll ever do. However, it’s one that we often forget, and the consequences can be deadly for your car. Here are the reasons why you should get it done regularly.

An Oil Change Keeps Your Engine Hummin’

This gooey crud is vitally important to the healthy running of your engine. The main purpose it serves is to lubricate the engine. It creates a thin liquid layer over everything and keeps parts from grinding together. This protective film cuts down on friction. Over time, it thins out and becomes no longer viscous, which means it can no longer do its job. If you don’t get it changed regularly, the parts of your engine are grinding together which is not good. It wears everything down and shortens its life. So, changing it means prolonging the life of your engine.

Oil Is Your Car’s Detox

Another important function that it serves in your car is to remove impurities. Dirt, bits of metal, chemicals and other junk build up and pass through the oil filter. When your car’s not moving, these impurities will sit in the bottom of the oil pan. Once it starts up again, it can do its job and start getting rid of them. But if you don’t get it done regularly, this junk will bond itself to the pan. When these impurities build up, you’ll need to take your car in to see the mechanic, where they’ll do some heavy cleaning to remove them. The way to prevent having to spend money on this cleaning is to get it changed regularly so it can keep flushing out the system.

Dirty Oil Makes It Too Hot

If you don’t get a regular oil change, you may end up with a car that overheats on the slightest hill. Getting it changed keeps the temperature in your engine stable. We mentioned above that motor oil reduces friction in the engine. If you’ve got friction in there, you’ve also got a build-up of heat that has nowhere to go. This heat is too much for your car’s engine, and causes it to overheat easily. Getting it changed regularly will keep your car running smoothly and at the temperature it’s supposed to.

The Oil Change Saves You Money At The Pump

With gas prices going through the roof, here’s another great benefit of replacing your car’s oil: it makes your engine run smoother and cleaner, and your car will run better and more efficiently. This means you won’t have to burn up as much gas driving around. For most drivers, this is the best benefit there is. You can increase your car’s gas mileage by having someone change the oil.

Replacing dirty engine oil is really important for your car’s engine. It keeps everything running smoothly and it can even save you money on gas. Check with your mechanic to see how often you need to get it done, and don’t forget about this essential bit of car maintenance.


Source by Alfred Ardis