Whether you’re looking to buy a used car or would like to know the history of the vehicle you currently own, it’s a good idea to run a vehicle history report. This can reveal problems with a vehicle such as odometer fraud or rollback, title fraud, recall notices, salvage titles, theft, major accidents, lemon checks, or undisclosed liens.

The problem is most of these reports cost around $40 each and people shopping for a used car look at several vehicles before deciding on which one to buy. This could easily add up to a lot of money if you wanted to get a check done on each car.

So most of us turn to Google and search for “free vehicle history report” or “free VIN check”. This will turn up many results but the problem is most that claim the check is “free” only offer a basic VIN decoder that simply returns the make and model or year of manufacture. This isn’t of much help and not what you’re looking for! Then, any site that is offering free reports has you enter the VIN then after doing so they try to charge you before seeing the full results! Again, not much help.

So how do you get a vehicle history report for free before buying a used vehicle then?

First, you want to avoid all the scams and websites that are just trying to make a fast buck off of you. The problem is there aren’t really many sites that offer real full reports for no cost.

Each real full VIN Check should include the following:

  • 250 Brands Checks
  • Major Accidents
  • Lemon Cars
  • Salvage & Flooded Cars
  • Odometer problems
  • Title History and Duplicate Titles
  • Total Loss
  • CARS/Cash for Clunkers
  • Gray Market
  • Undisclosed Lien
  • Theft (USA, Mexico, and Canada)

If you need to find somewhere to run a free VIN check to get a vehicle history report for your used car at no cost, there are various options online you can search.

This is the 17 digit number usually located on the plaque on the dashboard visible through the windshield or inside the driver’s door panel. Then just enter this number into the search form on the site you picked and hit “submit”. It will return the results for you instantly according to the VIN you entered. My advice would definitely be to check out the free options first; as not to waste money on something you can do yourself fairly easy for no cost!


Source by Christopher M Kuhn