If it is said that adding in several hundreds of pounds can bring in great value to your car, it cannot be considered as exaggeration. Only a few steps are required to get it prepared to meet the new owner.

How to prepare

The process to get cash from your junk car does not merely involve undertaking it through a process of car wash. Although a bucket full of water, car shampoo, sponge along with a couple of hours of hard work can bring about effective results but, there is lot more that can be done in order to bring it in the right selling condition. Cleaning of the tires, checking the wheel alignment, cleaning windows and windscreens from both inside as well as outside is very important as it will bring an additional sparkle and to remove the grimes. Moreover, also ensure that the windscreens as well as the windows are wiped clean both from inside and outside.

Now that the exterior has been taken care of, it’s time to determine about the interior of the car. Make it clean and spotless. Throw away all the junk in it and vacuum the mats, boots as well as the carpets. Clean off the dashboard with a soft dry cloth so as to make it shine like new.

All these elements are important to get cash from your wrecked car, however, if you are in a rush and do not have the time to do all this work for yourself, there are many companies that offering services which ranges from simple washing of the car to the entire valet services. Furthermore, the charges are also quite nominal and are affordable by all and above all it is worth the value of services.

Where to sell

Now that you have worked out on the appearance of the car, the next aspect to consider is that where to sell your car for cash. There are a few options available which are as follows:

· You can advertise your car privately in a local newspaper or on websites that are dealing in used vehicles in your area. Your initial step can also include advertising in local shop windows which was quite a common way of advertising in the previous times.

· On the other hand, if the seller is up grading, then the option of dealer’s trade-in can be considered as the best one to go for. However, the drawback of this method is that you will receive the lowest value of the vehicle.

· If you want a method in order to resolve the issue of how to sell my car that is based on good research, than auction is the next as well as the best way to get fair cash for your car. There are various offline and online auction stores available where selling out cars are quite common.

Time to sell my car

Many people are not aware of the fact that there are seasons when buying and selling of cars is at its peak. Spring and autumn equinoxes are the seasons in which considering to buying and selling cars are at its peak. This does not have to do anything with the axis of the Earth rather; it is because of the registration changes that holds higher percentages in these seasons.


Source by Faria Fara