So you have these ballin’ wheels and they wont fit your car?

Then again, you’re looking for that perfect fitment that a credit card can barely fit between the tire and the rim.

You may be wondering how people do it. Well, I will explain a few very common ways in this article. Starting with the most legit way (and expensive) to the most DIY back yard special. Keep in mind, I have no bearing on the out come of your fenders/fitment/screwed up paint, or the likes. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MISTAKE. Now, with that being said, here is the “right” way to roll your fenders.

1. Eastwood Fender Roller

Tools Needed:


Jack Stands

EW Fender Roller


Canned Air or Brake Clean


Difficulty: 4/10

A lot of shops will have no problem rolling your fenders. With 9/10 cars having that PERFECT hellaflush fitment.

You may be thinking to yourself, how the hell can I do that?

Three words, Eastwood Fender Roller.

Most reputable shops own one of these bad boys. It simply works with you jacking the car up, removing the wheel, and bolting on the roller.

Now if you have some junk car that you don’t give a damn about the paint near the rollers, by all means, you don’t need a heat gun. But if your like me, which I hope, looks are everything.

  • Start out by jacking your car up securely. Remove the wheel. Then, NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT, you will want to clean the inner lip of your fender. I say this because a lot of rolled fenders I see have little imperfections that are usually caused by grime, rocks, dirt, etc etc that get caught between the inner fender and the outer fender.
  • Now that your fender is nicely prepped, you will want to bolt on your fender roller.
  • Next bust out that Heat gun and go to town on the edge of the fender that you will be working on. (Keep in mind, you will want to remove any rubber, goo, or anything that will catch fire before hand.)
  • Remember less is more. You can always go more, but you can go back!

2. The Wooden Baseball Bat

Tools Needed:


Coilover Spanner Wrenches/Flathead Screwdriver

Friend, preferably a female

Wooden Louisville Slugger

Difficulty: 2/10

The second way is the infamous WOODEN baseball bat trick. You will generally do it the same way as the eastwood roller, HOWEVER, you will need to raise your coilovers up enough to allow the ballbat to fit in between the tire and the fender.

  • You will be essentially using leverage of the bat against the tire and the fender.
  • Keep in mind, it is recommended to use a heat gun as well to allow the paint to soften and stay intact during the process.
  • Once you have the car height at the proper amount to allow the baseball bat in between the fender and the tire, have your trust friend jump in the car while you insert the ballbat into the fender.
  • Simply have him roll a 1ft or 2 forward, and then backwards.
  • Viola, your fenders are rolled.

3. Phonebook Pull

Difficulty 5/10

Now my absolute personal favorite, is the pull. This can be accomplished in many ways. Sounds extremely ghetto, but I can assure you, I have never had a screw up after 14-15 cars.

Tools needed:

Old Phonebook

Jack Stands


  • Wrenches/Ratchets
  • If you have not already rolled the pinch weld in the inner fender, you will want to smack/bend that up with the out fender. First, you will want to jack your car up. USE JACKSTANDS. I usually either unhook the coilover or remove the coilover all together.
  • Grab your handy phone book/newspaper and start ripping out chunks.
  • Bolt your will back on WITHOUT the coilover installed. I usually lower the car until there is an 2″ gap between the fender and the tire.
  • Grab your trusty heatgun and heat up the area that you are wanting to pull.
  • Next, I stuff the 2′ gap with pieces of phone book / newspaper. After you get the desired area stuffed, drop the jack and let the car come down.
  • It usually takes me 2 times to get the desired pull, but NEVER have I had a problem chipping, flaking, or even denting fenders.
  • And people, use common sense. If you’re wanting to put a friggin 12″ rim under your car and you need a 4″ pull, DON’T USE THIS METHOD. This is for a 1″-2″ MAX pull.
  • It has ALWAYS gotten the hellaflush look that I was after.
  • Once again, USE COMMON SENSE. I am not responsible for your mishaps.

-over and out


Source by Allen Bradford