Volkswagen has an exciting year ahead of them, with the release and development of numerous new VW cars. From family vehicles to the sportiest of cars there is certainly a huge range to choose from.

The most anticipated new family saloon from VW cars is the new Up! range. This range of cars includes the Up! the Space Up! the Space Up! Blue van and the E-UP! These new range of cars were unveiled at the beginning of the year at the Frankfurt motor show. They use the latest technology and space saving techniques to build a car with maximum space. The E-UP is a battery powered car which can be charged to 80% capacity within the hour. The car uses solar panels on the roof and lithium powered batteries to maximize the potential of this space saving car.

If a family car is not quite what you're looking for, VW cars have also been developing the Concept A. The concept A is what some people would consider that perfect Volkswagen; clean, sporty and economic. This car is modern, sleek and stylish. It has four leather patent seats and a concertina style soft top roof, perfect for those hot summer days.

Last, but certainly not least is the Volkswagen EcoRacer. With a maximum speed of 230m / ph, capable of 100 miles per gallon this car is one of the most economical racing cars. This is a next generation car and stands to become a massive trend setter. The roof sections and the t-bar can be completely removed and stored behind the back seats, transforming the EcoRacer from a speedster into a roadster in a matter of minutes.

These may be the vehicles of 2011, but Volkswagen have already started looking into their future. They have predicted with their designers and researchers what their automobiles of the future could be like. Their visions include emissions free automobiles, networked cars, vehicles with living space and even accident free driving by the year 2028.


Source by Jo Da Silva