Ocean pollution is a tremendous problem nowdays. It does not only affect humans but also the rest of the environment. Most of the things that pollute marine life include toxic wastes from manufacturing companies, oil spills, plastic materials that we often throw away, old batteries, tin cans, and other harmful substances known to pollute the ocean. It is seriously raising because because we continue to pollute the ocean, more and more living creatures under the sea suffer. In return, we all suffer because many people survive through fishing.

When we say toxic wastes or toxic substances, we mean anything that has an acute impact on the health of all living creatures under the sea. Most toxic wastes materials come from landfills, mines, and factories. Fish kill is a result of water pollution. The junk or garbage that we often throw everywhere may end up in the bodies of water and eventually to the ocean. Those toxic materials may stay on the seafood that we eat. In return, we may suffer from contamination, birth problems, and bacterial diseases.

It is indeed creating a devastating effect among humans. Another problem that we see is that as the population gets bigger, we dump more and more wastes products. Another effect of marine pollution is that we are putting human lives at risks. Some fishermen today use dynamite in fishing. Dynamite fishing is illegal under the law. There are still fishermen who chose to use dynamite because they can no longer catch large volumes of fish, unlike before wherein they can catch tons of fish.

Since we have created the problem, the solution should also come from us. We need to address the problem right now.

1. We need to learn about segregation of home wastes products. It is extremely vital for us to separate biodegradable wastes from that of non-biodegradable wastes products. We need to call a junk removal company that we trust. They collect and properly dump all garbage on a sanitary landfill.

2. Check the sewerage system at home. Consult an expert who can help out to avoid leakage.

3. Learn more about the Solid Wastes Management System.

4. Protect marine life through clean-up drive among coastal areas.

5. For the government officials, create a law that governs industrial and manufacturing companies to follow the programs of the community regarding waste management.

These basic reminders can help save not only marine life but the entire environment at the same time. Help save marine life. Help save the planet Earth.


Source by Lori Buenavista