Ever see the movie 'Grease 2'? Now we all know it did not match up to the first one but if you have seen it, you probably remember Michael Carrington (the geeky English student) going to the local salvage yard and assembling a custom motorcycle in his attempt to become the " cool rider "(read 'to impress Michelle Pfieffer').

On the other hand, there have also been a lot of famous movies from the horror genre showing junk yards as the dwelling of demonic and demented villains (almost always toting a menacing ax or a chainsaw and sometimes with a hunger for human meat).

Now if you're worried about walking into a junkyard of no return, set your mind at ease; for the salvage yards of the real world are a place of happiness. It's a place where a thrifty father takes his son to get his first car. Its a place where a young car enthusiast goes to get his first V8 to experiment on, and a place you can go to, in order to find just about anything you need regarding vehicles. Whether you want to repair your truck, restore a classic or if you're just having fun with your vehicle, a trip to the local salvage yard could not only get you the desired parts but it could also keep that bank roll in your pocket from Dissipating completely.

Salvaging the world

Described at its basest level, salvage yards are a reasonable expander of barren land used for storing (and sometimes recycling) old, decommissioned and scrapped cars (bikes, trucks, etc.). Auto recyclers and salvage yards provide dismantle old vehicles, test and sort out all parts which are working and undamaged, these parts are then cleaned (good companies use environmentally safe techniques) and stocked in their inventories. Parts may alternatively be recycled and restored to condition. These parts are then made available to customers who want a cheaper alternative to originals. Reliable salvage yards will only stock parts which have been tested and proven to be in good working condition and, if they happen to have a few in worn out conditions, they will inform you beforehand of the possible consequences of buying these.

Going the yard

When buying parts from a salvage yard, it is very important to make sure the yard itself has a good reputation. Before you actually go to the yard, check them out online, ask people (customer response is a great way to know the true nature of a company) and canvas the area. Only when you are satisfied that the company is a reliable one, should you go ahead and buy a part from them.

Good companies often provide warranty on their products, so you know these products will last and not snap on the first run. Cities all over the country have reliable and reputed salvage yards (Minneapolis, MN being no exception).

Source by Phineas Gray