Garbage is big business. In fact, the money spent

on “picking up” garbage left behind in public places

such as parks, beaches, and forest land would pay

for highway repairs, and benefit schools all over the

country. America the Beautiful is fast becoming one

of unprecedented garbage problems. Trash from

car windows, in recreational places with garbage cans,

but somehow the trash misses and lands anywhere but

in the facilities provided, is still paid for with tax dollars.

Personal integrity is judged by more than the person

themselves. It is also in the immediate surroundings of

that individual. If you live with trash strewn all over your

living area, then well, basically you need to clean up

more than your back yard. Self-esteem reaches beyond

who we are to our priorities. Something as simple as

tossing that Mickey D’s wrapper and cup right out the

window displays a disregard for the highway used by

millions of others, but also for the workers who have to

clean it up. Their energy and pay check could be used

in other vital areas to benefit mankind in ways that picking

up after you just doesn’t “cut” it.

Forest lands are modern day garbage dumps. During the

summer months, the scars on the land are not quite as

visible, but come winter with the leaves down and trees

bare, the degradation of humanity is glaring. Abandoned

cars, kitchen appliances, and yes, even baby diapers that

just aren’t “biodegrading” fast enough are not views that

are displayed on travel brochures. Known as a

“throw away society”, America was also known as America

the Beautiful. Scenic places and tranquil lakes are now

plastic bag and water and pop bottle havens. Clean-up

is more than a volunteer and community activitiy, it is

expensive and time-consuming. Tax dollars are used

and those who care enough to use trash barrels and con-

tainers still pay just as much from their pay checks as those

who toss and abuse and just don’t care.

If the environment doesn’t tear at your heart, then maybe

your wallet will. Small steps such as garbage disposal could

mean the difference between more community activities and

better education, but it’s your choice. The next time you

roll down that window and toss, look in the back seat where

your child is. Their future costs money and would you rather

pay the salary to someone to clean up your disrespect or

see that your child gets the best in a school or sport activity?

It’s your call – but the heap is getting bigger.

Small steps for big results. One person can make a difference

and three steps to a trash can may look like pennies, but pennies

make dollars and dollars not only pay personal bills, but

government bills as well.

Something to think about.

©Arleen M. Kaptur

July, 2007


Source by Arleen Schindler-Kaptur