Can you deny the fact car is but a machine, no matter how much you love it? And as it is the rule with everything else, so it is with cars. There inevitably comes a time when every car reaches a point where it is completely exhausted and is beyond repair. No matter how much you try, the car won’t get up and running any more. That is when you know that you have a car for junk.

If you have such a car for junk, which does not work properly anymore but just takes up space in your garage, then selling it to a junk yard would be a profitable option. Your car may seem worthless to you, but it is actually a huge pile of valuable metal and other auto parts.

It does not matter whether the car you are selling is a fairly new Mercedes or a rather totaled SUV. What matters is that, to scrap car dealer, it is a pot full of money. Many dealers buy the cars for repairing and reselling to other buyers. In case the vehicle is in such a condition that it cannot be repaired, still its parts can be used for cars of same or similar make. Besides, the scrap metal that comes out of it, also sells for a pretty good price.

Thus, if you are the owner of a car for junk, you are probably in for a good profit once you decide to contact a junkyard for selling the car. Good cash for old cars is exactly what we offer at It is possible for you to come across dealers who are a little too eager to buy your junk car. But only we will offer you the best amount of cash for it.

Moreover, we offer you free towing services and will also pay you the cash on the spot. We pay you the amount that we quote, not a dime less. We will also take care of the paperwork in order to make the process simpler for you.