As expected, the more deteriorated your car, the lesser its value. It can be difficult to figure out the actual value of a scrap car without consulting a number of junkyard operators. You can create a rough estimate by making use of some tips and ideas, some online junkyard operators also have some estimates calculator software online, that can be used in working out the exact value of the car. Here are some tips on how to find an estimate when you Scrap A Car;

#1: The condition of the car- If your car would require lots of repairs and replacements in order to make it safe for the road, then you can subtract the cost of such repairs and replacements from the current value of the car in the market. Remember that, if your car has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be repaired then the value will be even much less.

#2: The location of the car- I the car located near a Junkyard or do you have to get it towed a long distance to the junkyard? You need to keep in mind that the further the car is, away from the junkyard, the lesser the amount you will get on its sale.

#3: The demand for its parts- aside from being recycled, or scrapped for a metal, the junkyard can also resell the valuable components of the car. The demand for the parts of the car will depend on how often similar vehicles are brought in for repairs.

#4: The year/model or brand make of the car- When you scrap A Car, the seller will consider the model, year or brand of the car. If for instance, the brand is still common on the road, you may ask the buyer for more money knowing full well the value of such a brand in the market. If it is quite rare a brand on the road but its paths are scarce and in demand, you can also ask for a bit more about the final price.

#5: The prices of the scrap metal – Most junk cars are turned into salvage yards before they are scrapped. The metal inside such cars is usually extracted and then recycled before they are used in new cars or some other metallic products. You need to have an idea of the current market value or price of the car’s scrap metals and even the value of the car.

#6: The weight of the vehicle- the amount of metal in a vehicle will usually determine its weight, hence the higher the number of metals on your vehicle the likelihood of you getting the junk car old for higher prices, because it means more metals can be gained and sold from the vehicle, as recyclable scraps.
You may have to consider the state you are in. If you are lucky to reside within or close to an urban area, for instance, you will get higher pay when you Scrap A Car, compared to when you reside in a localized area.