Sell Junk Car

Do you have an old junk car that is occupying your garage and seems to have been there forever? Is it doing nothing more than taking up valuable space and being an eyesore? Has it become more of a burden and less of a possession? Cars are bound to break down at a certain point of time when they have run too many miles or have been totaled in accidents. It might always not be cost effective to fix them. Sometimes a new car costs lesser than what it would take to repair a totaled one. And in tough economic times like these who would not want to sell junk car for cash?

It must be mentioned here that the market for old automotive parts is an ever flourishing one. Even if the junk car is not worth much to you, it still has parts which can be used on similar models. Dealers of old cars sell those parts from junk cars to vehicle owners and repair shops at half the price of new parts. That is why, if you decide to sell junk car, you are bound to get good money for it.

Once you have made up your mind to sell junk car; would be your best selection. It is not just old cars that we buy; we buy scrapping vehicles of any make, model, condition and year. Regardless of whether you car still works or not, we will buy it. And that too for the best cash! We will offer you much more than a tax deduction from the car donation charities.

Besides offering free towing services throughout fifty states in the United States of America, will be happy to help you with all the paper work. You can contact us and get a quote. Once you accept it, all you have to do is give us the time, date and place. We will pick up your old car and pay you the money right on the spot. You can sell junk car from the very comfort of your home.